When attempting to select a suitable internet service, one is faced with a large choice of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and service packages. The following points are mainly intended for businesses, for whom a reliable professional service is first priority, but are also applicable to domestic users.

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) will host your web-site very cheaply (or even free of charge) as a sub-domain of their own domain. This means the website's URL is something like www.mycompany.cheapo-web-sites.com and the email address is in the form of mycompany@cheapo-web-sites.com. The website is also often required to carry advertising for other companies' websites as a condition of the ISP providing the service. This might be adequate for an amateur site but it presents a very poor image of a business and could drive potential customers away. It is well worth paying a few pounds a year for your own domain, which also allows multiple email addresses (and sub-domains). A website address like www.mycompany.com with multiple email addresses in the form of customer_services@mycompany.com and enquiries@mycompany.com (for example) gives a much more professional image of "mycompany". A complete package including domain name, site hosting, DNS, and email handling (with unlimited email addresses) can cost less than 50 pence per week.

Several ISPs are offering basic ADSL service packages very cheaply for the first few months. After the initial period, the monthly charge rises considerably for the rest of the contract period which could be a year or more and, when the contract ends, there may be a further charge to transfer to another ISP. Read the "small print" very carefully! These packages are aimed at the low usage domestic user and are not suitable for business or even serious domestic use. Web site hosting and email handling is not always provided or only as a sub-domain of the ISP's domains (see above). The number of email addresses (if any) is usually limited - often to only one.

When comparing prices, decide on the level of service required and compare the price different ISPs would charge for that service. Committing to a long contract for a cheap, but inadequate, service is not good business practice.

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