Consultancy. Are you getting value for money from your IT investment? Just buying the latest, most expensive, machine is not the best, nor most cost-effective method of meeting your IT requirements. We can advise on the use of your existing system and can often suggest significant improvements at little or no cost.

Linux Systems. Although Linux systems are available for a fraction of the price of other systems, many small businesess are losing money and missing out on the benefits of Linux, fearing lack of user support or incompatability with their desktop machines - they needn't. A Linux server will provide network services to machines running other operating systems and we can provide preconfigured Linux systems as well as ongoing support at whatever level you require.

A server, running Linux, fully configured to your requirements, can easily cost far less than the server software alone for other systems. The stability of Linux keeps ongoing support costs down too.

Remote Support. We can provide remote support via the internet. This is far more economical than a site visit or maintaining an "in-house" IT department. In larger companies, IT support is provided by the IT staff logging on to the system from a central point on site but there is no reason why that point needs to be in the same building - in fact, it doesn't even need to be in the same country. We provide remote support to companies all over Europe.

Network Administration. Occasionally, changes need to be made to a network configuration. We provide telephone support for our clients and, if required, can usually make the changes ourselves remotely.

Software Installation. In large companies, software is installed and configured by the IT department. Smaller companies don't always have the necessary skills "in house" to get the most from, often expensive, software. We can install and configure the packages to your requirements. In most cases this can be done remotely thus avoiding the expense of a site visit.

Bespoke Programming. Software packages are available for most common IT tasks but, if you have some special requirement, not met by off-the-shelf packages, we can write the software for you.

Offsite Back-ups. How valuable is your data? Backing up to a tape or CD is not enough to protect your data - the back-up needs to be kept off site. In the event of a fire or a burglary, back-ups kept on site could be lost along with the original data. We can arrange for your data to be automatically backed-up and kept securely off site.